Using URL Paths With Reports

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Decisions URL’s paths system were designed to provide user with powerful navigation control in the System between Folders, Flows, Rules, Pages, Reports, Forms and much more using wide variety of additional options like Security and View.


We can use ReportId or ReportPath parameters in the base URL to run report ether using Report Id or Path to Report location in Decisions. To get Report Id we need to locate Report’s Thumbnail in the folder and select Manage > Get Report ID from Thumbnail’s Action menu.


From the resulting pop-up window we copy Report Id string to the clipboard.


To build our URL that will run Report by Id we include ReportId parameter and Report’s Id value into base url: http://localhost/decisions/Primary/?ReportId=a60f04b8-20fb-4886-9f26-99ab908062c5


And Report runs by Id


To run Report by Path we include ReportPath parameter with path to our report value into base url: http://localhost/decisions/Primary/?ReportPath=Flow+Demos%2fTest+Report


Report runs…


We can also use ReportId and ReportPath parameters for base URL to run Report API. To do so we need to add some other parameters. Second parameter should be Action with api value. Next, we should use authentication parameter. And lastly, we use outputType parameter.

For example, next url will call Report’s Api using Report’s Id and Named Session for authentication. The output is going to be in XML format.



For the all options that are available for Report Api call we can look up in the Integration Details page. We can call this page using URL as well. To do so we include ReportId or ReportPath parameter and Action parameter with value viewapi:



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