Using the Tab Editor to set Tab Order

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Tab Editor in the Forms Designer enables the Tab order to be set sequentially for form fields, providing convenience for form users. Design the form first, then set the Tab order using the Tab Editor.  

This example sets the Tab order in a travel request form, enabling the user to use the Tab key to navigate sequentially from field to field.
From the Forms Designer, click the Tab Editor link at the top of the workspace.
Notice the form controls highlight, showing 0 Tab order for each by default. Set the Tab order only for those controls to which you want the Tab key to apply. For example, disregard the timeline and label and tab layout components in the form below. To include a form control in the Tab order, click on the 0 for the form control, starting with the first field that will start the Tab order. In the example below, that field is the payment method.
The second field to which Tab order will apply is the Origin field, followed by the Destination field. Click each form control in the desired sequence.  
To close the Tab Editor, click the Tab Editor link. The Tab order will be saved.

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