Using the Add Comment Component in Folder Page

Last Updated: 08/16/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Add Comment component allows you to create and view comments on a folder page.

To add an Add Comment component to a page, in the Page Designer, in the Toolbox panel, expand the Integration category and drag an Add Comment component to the workspace. 


In the example, we will:

  1. Create a folder page.
  2. Add an Activity View and an Add Comment component to the page.
  3. Add comments to the folder page using both of the components.
To begin, navigate to the folder that will contain the new page, and click the arrow next to the folder name to open the folder actions menu. This can be either a root folder, Designer Folder, or even a process-generated data folder. For this example, a root folder is used. Select Manage > Page: Create New Page.
 create new page

Name the page, select the Simple Page template from the Root > System > Shared Designer Elements > System Defaults folder, and click OK to open it in the Page Designer.

Begin building the page by adding components to it.

In the Toolbox panel, expand the category Basic > [Current Folder] and drag an Activity View component to the workspace.

This component can display comments or information about all events in the folder. It will also allow us to add a comment while viewing the page. Expand the width of the component.

 activity view
Next, from the Integration category in the Toolbox, drag an Add Comment component to the workspace below the Activity component. Size it so it matches the width of the Activity component. This component can also be used to add a comment to a folder page.
add comment

This completes the page. Save the page and close the Page Designer.

To view the new folder page, click the page name link below the address bar. In this example, “Pending Loans.”

click pending loans


First, add a comment using the Activity View component by clicking in the top text field, which moves up and reveals editing tools. Enter text in the field.

 add com activity
Click the Add button to add the comment.

To view the comment for the folder page, click the Folder View link below the address bar.

The comment displays.
folder view
To add another comment, this time using the Add Comment component, return to the page created by clicking its Page link below the address bar.
In the Add Comment component, enter text in the Title and Description fields. Complete the Title field . . .
add com2
. . . then click the Add button. A message displays in the Description field that the comment was added.
To view this comment, once again click the Folder View link below the address bar.
The new comment displays.
folder data2


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