Using Entity Associations

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Entity associations are defined relationships between data entities. These relationships unite and describe related objects that exist elsewhere in the system. Using entity associations can be done by: selecting the entity described in the first part of the relationship (also known as the From entity) and selecting the action Add Related > [Entity], where [Entity] is the entity described in the second part of the relationship (also known as the To entity).


Our example will create a relationship between a hardware item, called Apple MacBook, and a task, called [T000002]. This relationship will be established by using the pre-defined entity association, Asset to Task.

We will begin in the My Home page, where can see two assigned tasks, including [T000002].




To create our example relationship, we will navigate to the CMDB folder and select Apple MacBook.



With the Apple MacBook asset opened, we will click the All button and select the action Add Related > Task.



In the resulting Select Entity pop-up, we will select the [T000002]Task and click OK.



Next, we will navigate to the Root Folder folder, where our original task entity resides, and select [T000002].



In the Details panel, we can scroll down the Related Assets section and see that Apple MacBook is listed as an asset that is related to this task.




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