Using a Thumbnail’s Action Menu

Last Updated: 08/08/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Forms, flows and other entities can be previewed, run or edited using the Action menu.

To access the Action menu, first select the designer projects folder that contains the entity you wish to view.  Click the entity’s thumbnail in the folder data panel, then click Action. You may also right-click the entity’s thumbnail to access the Action menu.


Our example folder – My Designer Project – contains a form called Add Article.

designer folder


To access options on the Action menu, you can either select the thumbnail and click the Action link, or right-click the thumbnail. When we right-click the Add Article thumbnail, the resulting Action menu provides us with a list of actions we can take for editing and previewing the form. To preview the Add Article form, we select Show Preview from the list.

show preview

You can also choose to edit this form in the Form Designer by selecting Edit Form in New Window from the list.
In the Form Designer, you can add, remove, or reconfigure the components that make up the Add Article form.

You can also edit the form by clicking the Add Article thumbnail and clicking the Edit link.



The Action menu also includes the Make Template option, which allows us to set the entity as a template for the creation of other entities of the same type. You can select the Manage option to view a list of actions related to the administration of the entity, such as Move To, Export, and See Audit History.

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