Undeleting an Entity

Last Updated: 08/17/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

When an entity (i.e. a flow, report, rule, folder, etc.) is deleted, it is “logically deleted,” meaning that the entity is removed from the Portal interface yet the entity still exists in the database and is simply flagged as “deleted = true.” The Portal offers a report “All Folder Entities (Including Deleted)” that shows a folder’s deleted entities. This is useful should a need arise to restore an entity.

By default reports will not show deleted data, but there is a setting on reports that allows deleted data to be shown.


To undelete an entity, switch to the folder’s Folder View, run the report, and then right-click the deleted entity to restore. In order to have rights to undelete an entity you must be system administrator, administrator in folder or the entity must not be secured (not part of a folder)

This example will restore a “Create PDF” flow deleted from a Designer Folder.  
From the folders list, click on the Designer Folder containing the deleted entity.
Click on the Folder View link below the address bar to switch out of the Designer View.
Within the Folder Data section, click on the View field drop-down menu and browse to the “All Folder Entities (Including Deleted)” report. This is found under System > System Defaults > Folder Entities.
Deleted entities appear, grouped by the Deleted setting.
Right-click on the entity to undelete, and select Undelete [item].
Click OK to confirm. The entity reappears in the Designer Folder view and it available for use.

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