Training Scenario Videos

Last Updated: 07/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0


Company wants a system to submit, approve, track, and manage insurance policy requests. Approved requests become policies that we want to store in a database. We also want to be able to cancel a policy, add claims to a policy, and close a claim.
Create Form Background 
Video 1a Flow with Form  
Video 1b Approve Request
Video 2a Email Notification 
Video 2b Create Folder Extension 
Video 2c Add “Create Policy” Step 
Video 2d Add Process Data Steps 
Video 2e Review Process View Page 
Video 2f Add Task Expiration 
Video 2g Add Basic Error Handling 
Video 3a Rule to Assign Account Manager
Video 3b Create Task Forms 
Video 3c Enable Handle Via Email
Video 4a Form Validation – Date Greater Than Today for Start Date 
Video 4b Rule to evaluate requested loan amount > $50,000 if life insurance is selected, send user back to form to correct 
Video 4c Form Visibility Rule – Bypass Approval 
Video 5a Create Folder Extension Folder Action – Terminate Policy Flow
Video 6a Create Report of all Policies 
Video 6b Create Report of Insurance Request Status 
Video 7a Create Claims Folder Entity Structure 
Video 7b Create Claim Flow 
Video 7c Create Close Claim Entity Action Flow 
Video 6c Create Page to display reports 6a and 6b 
Video 7d Create Portal Page for Extension Folder – Show Policy Details, Add Claim button and Cancel policy button






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