Starting new server using flow components

Last Updated: 12/04/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Amazon EC2 services allow you to run virtual machines in the cloud by creating machine images and then starting instances of those images. These EC2 machine instances can be started using the Start Instance step. Before using this step you must create an image of a machine in your EC2 console.

To start an EC2 machine in your Amazon account, first set up your Amazon WebServices Settings in the portal. Next, in the Flow Designer, drag a Start Instance step to your workspace from the Integration > Amazon EC2 category in the Components panel.
Prerequisites: Setting up Amazon WebServices Integration
Begin by dragging the Start Instance step onto your workspace and connect to the Start and End steps.
Click on the Start Instance step to configure the inputs and outputs. Each of the inputs are values that come from the properties of the EC2 image you want to start or from your EC2 account. The output value is a string which will contain the instance if of the instance this step starts.
Run the flow and check your EC2 console to see that the instance has been started.

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