Splitting Excel Columns by a Custom Delimiter

Last Updated: 08/11/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Using the Split Excel Column component in a flow, the data in an Excel spreadsheet’s column that is separated by a delimiter can be split into several columns and then displayed in a data grid or converted into a CSV file. This component can also split the original columns into more columns, or combine them into fewer columns.

Split Excel columns using a custom delimiter in the Flow Designer. In the Toolbox panel, in the category Data > List > Excel and CSV, drag a Split Excel Column component to the workspace. 


This example creates a flow that uses the Split Excel Column component and set mapping for the component in the Mapping Editor.

To begin, navigate to a Designer Folder and click the Create Flow button. Name the flow and click OK to open it in the Flow Designer

In the Flow Designer start-up window, expand the category All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Lists > Excel and CSV, then select a Split Excel Column component. Click Add to add it to the workspace. 


Connect the outcome paths by connecting the Start step to the Split Excel Column component and then connecting this component to the End step.
To map the component, click on the Split Excel Column step and click the Show Mapping Editor link in the Properties panel, or select Show Mapping Editor from its Actions menu.
First, change the mapping type of each of the components inputs by clicking the Ignore link and selecting Constant.
  • For the Input object, enter the file name in the Value field.
  • For the fileType object, from the Value drop-down list, select Excel_xlsx.
  • For the column object, specify the number of columns in the file in the Value field.
  • Enter the delimiter in the Value field under the delimiter object.
  • Finally, specify the number of columns that should result after the columns have been split (or merged).
Click OK to save the mapping and close the Mapping Editor.



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