Silent Installation

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0


Decisions installations can be done using the command line. This allows for silent automated installations.
Before performing a silent installation you will need to create an InstallerSetup.xml file. This is done using the DecisionsInstaller.exe. Open DecisionsInstaller.exe and step through the installation wizard, entering the settings you would like your silent installs to use. At the very end of the installation wizard you will be able to save off the InstallerSetup.xml file by checking Save Install Settings To File.
After you have created an InstallerSetup.xml file, you can run the Decisions installer via the command line like this: DecisionsInstaller.exe [path to InstallerSetup.xml].
See example in screen shot below.
Running this command will install Decisions using the settings configured in the InstallerSetup.xml file. You will receive freed back in the command window as shown below.

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