Showing/Hiding Default Folders in Folders Tree

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Default portal folders include Knowledge Base, Service Catalog, Recent, Favorites, and My Home. Hide or show these folders using the Edit Portal Settings pop-up. 


To begin, navigate to the System > Settings folder, and select Portal Settings in the folder data panel. Then, select Edit Portal Settings from the entity actions menu.



In the Edit Portal Settings pop-up, scroll down to the Portal Settings section, where you can select or clear checkboxes to hide or show the default portal folders.



You can clear the Show Knowledge Base Node checkbox to hide the Knowledge Base folder in the Folders tree.

In this section, you could also rename the Knowledge Base folder or the Service Catalog folder. You could show or hide the Service Catalog, Favorites, Recent, and My Home folders in the Folders tree. 

Select Save after you have made your selections.

Once the portal is refreshed, the Knowledge Base folder no longer displays.




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Showing/Hiding Default Folders in Folders Tree?


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