Showing an Entity Association

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Entity associations are defined relationships between data entities. These relationships unite and describe related objects that exist elsewhere in the system. To create an entity association, first ensure that the Association Type exists. Then select the entity described in the first part of the relationship (also known as the From entity) and select the action Add Related > [Entity], where [Entity] is the entity described in the second part of the relationship (also known as the To entity).


Our example will create a relationship between a computer, called Linux Server, and a monitor, called LG Monitor. This relationship will be established by using the pre-defined entity association type, Asset to Task.

We will begin in the System > Administration> System Data > Association Types page, where can see four association types already created.



We will add our new association type by clicking the Add Association Type button.



In the resulting Add Association Type window, we will fill in the Name field with “Computer-monitor relation”. In the From Type Name dropdown, we will select DecisionsFramework.ServiceLayer.Services. Folder.Folder.



In the From Extension Type Name dropdown, we will select Decisions.Tasks.Service.CMDB.Computer.



In the To Type Name dropdown, we will select DecisionsFramework.ServiceLayer.Services.Folder.Folder.



In the To Extension Type Name dropdown, we will select Decisions.Tasks.Service.CMDB.Monitor.



We will select the Is Bidirectional checkbox to make this relationships go both ways.



We will also select the Self Related checkbox to use the same name for the relationship, no matter the direction in which its being described.



This completes our entity association type, so we will click the Save button to save it.



Next, we’ll navigate to the CMDB folder and select a computer entity, Linux Server.



To create the relationship between Linux Server and a monitor, we will open the Actions menu and select Add Related > Computer-monitor relation.




In the resulting Select Entity pop-up, we will select LG Monitor and click OK.



To view the bidirectionally of our relation, we will select LG Monitor and, in the Actions menu, select View Association > Linux Server association.



In the resulting Linux Server association pop-up, we will see the item (Linux Server) that is related to to LG Monitor, as well as the entity association type (Asset to Asset).




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