Show Reports Folder in Service/Workflow Catalog

Last Updated: 02/01/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Folders that contain more than one report can be registered as a service, allowing all of the reports within that folder to be run as services as well. To add a report folder to the service catalog, navigate to your Service Catalog folder, or Service Catalog category sub-folder, and select Create Report From Folder Service Catalog Item from the Actions menu.

Note: Service Catalog was renamed in Decisions 3.5 to Workflow Catalog.


This video demonstrates how to display all the reports in a folder in the Service Catalog.

In the Folders tree, select Service Catalog > General.

Click the Actions menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Create Report From Folder Service Catalog Item.

create folder


In the Add Report from Folder Service Catalog Item popup, enter the name of the item in the Name field.

In the Report Item Information section, click Select Folder.

Select the folder and click OK.

Click Save.

In the General folder data panel, the folder name is displayed, with a list of the reports in that folder below it.

When a user with the proper permissions logs in to the system and clicks General in the Folders tree, a link to each of the reports in the folder is displayed.

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