Show Report in Service/Workflow Catalog

Last Updated: 02/01/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Reports that are registered in the service catalog can be retrieved by users outside of the portal, but can still be controlled with the same access rules and permissions.

To add a report to the service catalog, navigate to the Service Catalog folder, or Service Catalog category sub-folder, and select Create Report Service Catalog Item from the Actions menu.

Note: Service Catalog was renamed in Decisions 3.5 to Workflow Catalog.


To begin, we will navigate to the folder Service Catalog > General.

service catalog general


We will click the Actions button next to the address bar and select Create Report Service Catalog Item.

cerate report item


In the Add Report Service Catalog Item pop-up, we will enter the name of the report in the Name field.

Under Report Item Information section, we use the Select Report drop-down list to select the report to be retrieved as a service.

pick report


We click Save.

Back in the General category of the service catalog, we will click the newly added report service to launch it.

report showed up


Our report will be retrieved and displayed in the resulting pop-up.

running report


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