Setting Up Notifications for Events Anywhere in the Portal

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Add notifications for events that display to members of designated groups through a variety of methods, including email, SMS, a popup message and Twitter. The platform contains an extensive list of default notification types, which are the actions that trigger the system to send a notification, including Account Created, Site Published, and Group Deleted.

Users are not restricted to default notification types. 

To set up notifications for events in the portal, navigate to the folder System > Administration > Notifications > Default Notifications, click the Add button, and select Notification.


In the example, we add an Account Created notification. When the system or a user creates an account, the notification displays a popup message to users in the Administrators group.

To begin, we navigate to the folder System > Administration > Notifications > Default Notifications.

In the Default Notifications folder data panel, we click the Add button, and select Notification.



In the Add Notification pop-up, we select an option from the Notification Type drop-down list. The Notification Type is the event that triggers the system to send the notification, including events related to accounts, folders, documents, tasks, assignments, groups, pages, and more.

Next to the Notification to Type field, we click the Add button, and select Notify to Group. The Edit object pop-up appears.



Open the Group Name selector to choose a group to receive the notification. All members of the group will receive the notification.

In the Select Group pop-up, we select the group to receive the notification by clicking the group name in the list on the right. 
We could also search for a group name by entering it in the Search field.

We click OK to save the settings and close the pop-up.

Back in the Edit object pop-up, we click Save.

On the Add Notification pop-up, in the Notification Modes list, we click the box next to the notification method. We could select multiple methods.



We click Save to save the new notification.

In the Default Notifications pane, the newly added notification displays in the Entity Name list.



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