Setting Up Date/Time Translation

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
It is possible to set up the server to use Date/Time translation so a user in a different time zone can have any portal time fields (e.g. “date created” column in reports) translated to their local time instead of the server machine’s time. This involves changing the server clock to the UTC time zone, and then running the Decisions installer and selecting the option for translate time. After doing this, all clients will see portal date fields in their local time.
If your project server is set up this way and you create a report from your portal from the Japan timezone when you look at the created on time it will show 12:30pm on Jan 15th 2013. But if you look at the same report from a portal in the local timezone, it will show created on date of 11:30pm on Jan 14th 2013.
In other words, the portal translates the date/time fields you see into your local timezone.
In this demo we will set up the Server in the Japan Timezone and then have a client (a separate machine) look at the portal on that server and you’ll see the times “translated” into your local time

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