Setting Min – Max On Charts

Last Updated: 08/17/2016 Introduced in Verision: 3.2


In Decisions 3.2.x it is possible to set Min and Max Values for the Subtotals to display when creating Chart Views in the Report Designer. With this feature we can visually represent Data on the chart within desirable frames.



In this example we will Report on Northwind database (integration with tables and table relations was created for this example and will not be demonstrated in this tutorial). Our goal is to display total Sum of the Orders for each Company, but on the Chart we would like to display only those Bars, where total Sum is between 50 and 100. We will achieve this with setting Min and Max values for the Chart.

We begin in the Designer Folder with clicking Create Report/Page > Create Report from the Folder Actions Panel.


Then, we Name Report and click Create to proceed to the Report Designer.


In the Report Designer we need to add Data Sources for the Report. Expand Data Sources > Common > North category and add dbo.Customers table first.


Then, from Data Sources > Add Related Table category, we can add dbo.Orders table because this table is related to the Customers.


Next, in the similar manner we add dbo.Order Details table that is related to the Orders table in our Database.


When we added all Data Sources, we can add columns from any of our Data Sources to populate our Report with data. In this case we added Company Name from Customers table, Order Id from Orders table and Order Unit Price from Order Details table. Next, we Grouped our data by the Company Name field.


Next, we locate Report Configurations and under Results Settings we Add New Sub Totals.


In the Add Sub Totals definition window we pick Order details Unitprice Field, use Sum Aggregation Type, and select 2 Decimal Places Format. When finished, we can click Ok to save and continue.


Back in the Report Designer, we click Add [+] link on the Report Views Panel.


From the resulting drop-down menu we select Charts > Bars to add a new Chart with Bars design.


In the resulting Add Chart pop-up window we give our chart Title. Then, from the Field drop-down list we select Sub Total that we have defined previously in this tutorial. Click Add Chart to create a chart.


Link to our Chart View appears on the Report Views Panel. We click it to switch Data View with Bars View.


Our Chart opens and currently displays all values. On the right-hand side in the chart configurations we check Set Minimum Value and Set Maximum Value check-boxes.


Then, we set Minimum Value to 50 and Maximum Value to 100.


Next, we Refresh the View of our Report


Now, our Bars Chart displays only values that are in the defined Min/Max range…



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