Setting up InfoPath Form to call Decisions

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Setting up InfoPath Form to call a Decisions Workflow


Setting up Infopath and Decisions requires a couple of setup components on both ends.


The very first thing that we will want to do is create a new flow in Decisions that will be run when the user hits ‘submit’ on the Infopath form.

  • On Setup, make sure that we are using the behavior of “Post to Flow Behavior”



  • Secondly, once you have set the behavior and added any flow components that you need, you will need to setup the Post to Flow settings so that a user account can be used to run the flow. This is done by right-clicking the flow, and clicking the “Edit Post Settings”




  • Next, select an account or Named Session to be used when this flow is called.


  • Lastly, right click the view and choose the option to “View Integration Details”. On this page, make sure we are selecting “POST” and we will want to grab the URL that is displayed.



This is all the setup that is required for the Decisions flow. Now, we need to setup a couple of components in the Infopath environment. The first component can be found on the main screen and is labeled “Submit Options”.


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  • By selecting this, we get to determine the behavior the system takes when the “submit” event is triggered (or the button is pressed).
  • The type of data to send will come as a “ Web server (HTTP)” event. Here, we will paste the URL that we copied from the View Integration Details in Decisions.



Your setup is now complete. When the submit action is triggered on your form, the flow will be called given the credentials that were specified in the flow setup.


Please contact if you have any questions.

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