Setting and Using a User’s Profile Picture

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Users can set a profile picture in the Portal. This is a feature managed by each user. Note that setting a profile picture does not actually display the picture anywhere in the portal; it simply makes the picture file available for use in a flow.


In this topic, we will show how to add a profile picture, then use that profile picture to display in a form.
To add a profile picture, go to the My Home folder. From the Actions menu, select Set Profile Picture. Browse to locate the picture file and select Open, then OK. Notice the profile picture file is saved under the Home Folder Data entities list.
 pic added
To use the picture in a form, create a new flow.
Since the picture is essentially a document, it is necessary to retrieve that document using the Document Service. In the Flow Designer’s startup window, expand Integrations > All Integrations > Internal Services > Document Service. Add the Get Document Data component to the workspace. 
In the Get Document Data 1 properties, set Select Value as the documentID input mapping type.
For the Path: field, browse to Flow Data > Current Account > AccountPictureID. Click OK.
 mapping get data
Next, add a form to display the new picture. The form should have at least one outcome (for example, an OK button.) Connect the Done path of the Get Document Data 1 step to the new form.
Open the form for editing. In the toolbox, expand Data and add an Image component to the workspace.
From the Properties panel, enter the desired data name in the Data Name: field (for example, “UserPhoto”).
 edit form
Save and close the form. Connect the OK outcome path from the form to the End step.
Click on the form step and open the mapping editor.
Expand GetDocumentData1_Output, and connect Contents to the UserPhoto input on the form.
 mapping final step
Click OK to save. Run the flow in the Debugger and notice the form appears showing the image.

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