Setting a Form’s Size in the Flow Designer

Last Updated: 07/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

When used in a flow, a form can be resized to specific dimensions, the full width and height of the window containing it, or the dimensions that were specified when the form was created in the Form Designer.

To resize a form in the Flow Designer, select the form step and, in the Properties panel, adjust the settings under the Form Size section.


In our example, we will demonstrate the controls for resizing a form within a page. We’ll begin in the portal by navigating to our designer project folder:



The flow Validation Flow contains a form step.Click the Edit link to open it in the Flow Designer.




First, select the form step – [Form] Validation Form.

In the Properties panel, under the section Form Size > Own Window, the Size Type drop-down list can be used to select different ways to size this form. To make the form’s dimensions conform to the width and height specified in the Form Designer, select DesignerSize. To make the form fill the window that contains it, select Maximized.



To make the form conform to specific dimensions, select SpecifiedSize. Fields for Width and Height will appear beneath the Size Type drop-down list, allowing you to enter the form’s width and height in pixels.



Once you’ve set your form’s size, you can save these changes by saving the flow and closing the Flow Designer.



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