Sending Reminder Email for Task Assignment

Last Updated: 07/20/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

When a task is initially assigned, the default behavior of the portal is to send a popup notification to the assignee(s), in addition to an email containing the task name, description, and link. A follow-up email can be sent after a set duration if the assignee(s) have yet to take action.

This example will configure a reminder email intended to go to the original assignee after 48 hours of inactivity on the task have elapsed. This flow is a reusable flow that can serve as a reminder email flow for all task assignment.

The example uses the “Warn” date for taking action, however the “Late” or “Escalate” date options could be used following the same pattern.

This example assumes a form has been added to a flow, and has assignment set:



To begin setting up the reminder email, click on the form that handles the task assignment. In the Properties panel, under Form Assignment > Dates, check the Specify Warn Date checkbox.

Next, click on Create under Form Assignment > Flows > Assignment Warn Flow.



Name the new flow “Send Reminder Email” and click OK.

In order for this flow to have context for the assignment, it is necessary to manually set the “Assignment” data on the Start step of the warning flow. To do this, click on the Start step and click Add under Flow Input Data.



Enter “AssignmentInformation” in the Name field, and select “Assignment” as the data type. Click OK.



Next, introduce the Send Email step by expanding the Communication category from the Toolbox.  Drag and drop the Send Email component into the workspace. Connect the Start step to the Send Email component, and the Send Email component to the End component.

Click on the Send Email component. From the Properties panel on the right, enter the From address in the Email > From field.

The To address field has the option of setting multiple users and groups. The collection of assigned users and groups is found in the AssignmentInformation data:



You can use the Build Array mapping type to build a list of To addresses. In this example, only one user is assigned, therefore we’ll only pass in the collection of users. Change the Email > To field mapping type to Select Value. Click the browse button and select AssignmentInformation.AssignedUsers and click OK.


In the Email > Subject field, change the mapping type to Constant and enter “Task Reminder” in the Value field.

Click on Show Editor for the Email > Body field. Expand the AssignmentInformation collection of data. Enter a message for the reminder email, dragging and dropping data from the AssignmentInformation list to the left into the message body on the right. These fields will populate with the values from the task. Click OK when complete.



The Send Email step is now configured, and the flow is complete. Save and close the flow.

Back in the flow that generates the task, click on the form doing the original assignment. In this example, the Form Assignment Warn Date needs to be configured to be 2 days in the future from the date of the task’s assignment. Under Form Assignment Warn Date, change the mapping type to Compute Date. Set the Compute Type field to InFuture. Change the Offset field mapping type to Constant and set the value to 2 days.



Ensure the Send Reminder Email flow is selected in the Flows > Assignment Warn Flow field. 


The configuration of the reminder email is complete. After 2 days, if the task remains unhandled, the workflow will execute and send the task recipient an email containing the details of the original task.

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