Sending Messages from Mirth to Decisions HL7 Module

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Step 1: Ensure that you have the HL7 Module module installed.  If you do you will have a folder in your tree as shown in Figure 1.


Step 2:  From the folder tree select HL7 Interfaces.

Step 3: Click the button ‘Add Interface’ at the top of the Interfaces dashboard.

Step 4: Name your interface.


Step 5: Click that interface to go to the interface dashboard.


Step 6: Pick Add Receiver to create a new endpoint listening for HL7 Messages.

Step 7: Select TCP/IP Receiver.


Step 8: Name your receiver.  In my example I named it “Mirth LLP Listener”

  1. Leave IP Address blank so that the TCP listener will listen on all IP addresses.
  2. Set your port. In my example I am using 8443.
  3. For Mirth you do not need to override standard LLP message framing so you can leave these defaults.
  4. Be sure to turn ON “Send Ack when processing complete” because mirth expects this ack message by default.
  5. Turn off ‘file system queuing’ unless you expect your interface processing flows to be slow.



Receiver created.


Step 9: Now open the Mirth Admin Console

Step 10: Setup a new channel in mirth.  To make testing easy we will make this channel get data from the file system and send to the Module over TCP.



Step 11: Click the ‘Source’ tab on your new channel and set it up to read files from your file system



Step 12:  For the Destinations we need to configure mirth to send on the same socket that HL7 Module is listening on. 

  1. Set Connector type to ‘LLP Sender’
  2. Set Host Port to: 8443 (Use the Test button to ensure connection is ok.)
  3. The remaining defaults for Mirth should work as they are.



Step 13: Click ‘Save Changes’ from the menu on the left.



Step 14: Click ‘Deploy Channel’ from the left hand side menu.



Step 15: Once you have deployed your channel, pick ‘Dashboard’ from the Mirth Connect menu at the top and you should see your channel waiting.



Step 16: Now copy a file to the folder where Mirth is listening for messages. 

Step 17: In a few moments you should see a message indicated as Received, and Sent in Mirth Connect Administrator as shown here:


Step 18: If you switch back to the HL7 Module in Decisions you should see a message received on that receiver in the Interface dashboard as shown below.  



Step 19: Now to get the processing flow involved let’s add a portal notification to see our message data.

– Switch to the Designer View for your interface.


– Open the Interface Process Flow (NOTE: Not the Pre or Post Process flow.)


– Add the step “Send Notification” from the Communication folder in the toolbox.

– Send your notification to yourself or to All Users.

– Configure the text of the notification using a “Text Merge.Plain” and type: “Sending Facility: “ followed by selecting the Sending Facility Namespace ID from the first message in the envelope as shown here:


– Deposit another message into the folder mirth is monitoring and quickly switch back to Decisions to see your notification.


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