Sending Messages from Decisions HL7 Module to Mirth over TCP/IP

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

This process is almost exactly the same as here except that you setup the LLP Source in Mirth and TCP Emitter in Decisions

Step 1: Create a new HL7 interface by pressing the Add HL7 Interface button on the Interfaces dashboard as shown in Figure.



Then, Name new Interface and click Ok to save it.



Navigate to the newly created Interface

Step 2: Add a TCP / IP Emitter to your interface.  This will emit messages from the Decisions HL7 Module to Mirth over a TCP / IP Socket


Set your port number and IP address to the port and address you configure later on Mirth in Step 4.


Step 3: Configure a File Based HL7 Receiver so that you can read messages from the hard drive and send them to Mirth over TCP / IP as shown in Figure.




Step 4: Open Mirth Connect Administrator and create a new Channel


Under Source in this channel configure an ‘LLP Listener’.  Set the port number to the same port being used in HL7 Module.


Step 5: Mirth requires a destination to be configured, so set up a place for it to write the messages that it receives.


Step 6: Save and deploy the new Channel so that you can observe it in the dashboard.


Switch to the Dashboard.


Step 7: Place an HL7 text file in the directory that the Decisions HL7 Module is monitoring and you should see it disappear and the dashboard will be updated.




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