Saving Flow Step Configuration as a Template

Last Updated: 07/22/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Add a Send Email component to the Flow Designer workspace to send an e-mail message from the flow. Add configuration to the properties and Save as Template.

The Send Email component can be found in the Flow Designer’s Toolbox panel in the Communication category.


Our example flow will send an e-mail composed of a few static variables.

Begin by navigating to a project folder and selecting the Create Flow button.


Give the flow a name and click OK.


In the Flow Designer start-up window, under the All Steps [Catalog] > Communication category, select a Send Email component and click Add to add it to the workspace. 


Connect the outcome path of the Start step to the Send Email 1 step, and connect the output path of the Send Email 1 step to the End step. 




Next, select the Send Email 1 component and configure the component in the Properties panel.

After you have configured your component.  You can save the component configuration by selecting the “Save As Template” link at the bottom of the properties panel.
On the Create Flow Step Template window, give the Template a Name and confirm Folder Information or select a different folder and select OK
Save your flow.  To see your configured template component.  Open a new flow and In the Toolbox panel, under the Templates category, select the template component that we saved and drag it to the workspace. 
Open the properties panel and see that the template configuration is available.

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