Saving a Comment to a Process Folder

Last Updated: 08/11/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Process folders allow process states, files and other flow data to be stored in a way that is easy to manage through the portal. Process folders can also contain comments – purely descriptive notations that can, but are not required to, contain any of the data actually handled by the flow.

The Add Comment component creates a comment entry inside of a process folder. In the Flow Designer, it can be found in the Toolbox panel, under the category Flow Management > Data.


Our example will create a new process folder for insurance requests. Inside this folder will be records of our flow’s started and completed state, as well as a comment called “Reminder Message” that will contain a brief message reminding the person who processes this request that requests must be handled within 48 hours, per company policy.



Our example starts with our system in the same state it was in at the end of Setting Up a Process Folder to Save Flow Data. We have a root-level folder called Insurance Requests, inside of which is a folder, [IR-0000001] Insurance Request Submitted by



We also have a flow that is designed to create each process folder following the naming convention: [IR-0000001] Insurance Request Submitted by



To augment the flow with a comment, delete the done outcome connecting Setup Process Folder 1 to the End step.

Next, drag the Add Comment component from the Toolbox panel to our workspace. It can be found under the category Flow Management > Data. Reconnect the outcomes from Setup Process Folder 1 to Add Comment 1 to the End step.



The Add Comment component has two properties for us to configure – comment and name – which we’ll find in the Properties panel, under the section Inputs. Like other inputs, we can map these properties in several ways. For the purposes of our example, first give comment the mapping type Text Merge.HTML.



Below our mapping type will appear the property Merged text, and a button labeled Show Editor, which we select.



The Merge Text Editor is used to create the comment content. For this example, set up the comment to read “process started by [YourEmail],” where YourEmail is the email address of the user who initiated the flow. To get this variable, drag the item Initiating User Email from the Flow Data tree to our text editor. Also add the text “on” and the start time of the flow. Once our content is complete, click OK to save the change.



Finally, change the name property’s mapping type to Constant, and give it the value “48 Hour Processing Reminder”



Our flow is complete and ready to save. When we run it in the debugger, we’ll see that it completes without errors.


Turning to the portal, there is a new folder under Insurance Requests.

When the folder is opened, notice the comment in the timeline on the right.

Also, click the Process Data View link below the address bar at the top of the screen and notice the comment in the folder data list.



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