Reusing Assignments

Last Updated: 07/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to set up an Assignment in the manner the Dates (Warn Date, Late Date, etc.) do not change when the Assignment is Reassigned.


First, we need to create a simple Flow with Assigned Form.

We begin in the Designer Folder with pressing Create Flow button from Folder Actions panel.


Next, we name the Flow and click Create to proceed to the Flow Designer.


In the Flow Designer we add Add Task step from Favorites category in the Flow Designer Wizard.


In the resulting popup window we provide Name for our Task and pick an Account this Task is going to be assigned to.


Next, the Wizard leads us to the Form Designer where we need to create a form for our Task. In this example our Form has only two Buttons. After we place these two Buttons on the workspace in the Form Designer we can save and close it.


Back in the Flow Designer we connect steps in our Flow as following. When user clicks Approved, the Flow runs to the End Step and the Assignment clears out. When user clicks Hold, the Assignment is being Reassigned.


With Add Task step selected on the workspace we locate Properties for this step and click [edit] link to edit the Assignment.


In the resulting popup window we check Specify Warn Date and Specify Late Date checkboxes.


Next, we set Warn Date to be 10 minutes after Start. Note, in order to do so we use Compute Date Mapping Type.


In the same manner we set Late Date, but this time we set it to be 10 hours after Start.


This completes our Flow. We save and close Flow Designer. In the Designer Folder we locate our Flow and Run it.


In the resulting popup we click Yes to fill in the Form.


When the Form shows up we click Hold.


We navigate to our Home Folder and check if the Assignment was created.


Here, we click the Assignment and press Fill in Form Task From Approval Flow Form.


This time we click Hold again when the Form shows up.


We can see that the Assignment was reassigned but our Dates (Start, Warn, Late) were changed as well. This is not what we expected when clicked Hold. We wanted the Assignment to stay on Hold and keep all Dates unchanged.


To fix this, we locate our Flow and Edit it.


In the Flow Designer we select Add Task step and click [edit] Assignment link in the Properties.


In the resulting popup window we scroll down and locate Reuse configuration category.

From Reuse Assignment dropdown we select If Same Assignee. In this case the Assignment will be reused when reassigned to the same user.


When we complete the previous step in this tutorial, new Reuse options become available for us. They are self explanatory checkboxes. We can click Done when finished editing this Assignment.


This completes our Flow. We save the changes and close Flow Designer. Back in the Designer Folder we Run the Flow again to create another Assignment. We can either press No when asked to fill in the Form or click Yes and press Hold on the Form.


We can navigate to the Home Folder in Portal and confirm that a new Assignment was created.


We click on it and press Fill in Form Task From Approval Flow Form.


When the Form shows up we click Hold to test if our Dates will be changed after reassignment.


Notification pops up indicating that the Assignment was reassigned. Mention that our Dates were not changed.


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