Reusing approval chains

Last Updated: 08/10/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Instead of configuring a new approval chain each time one is needed in a flow, approval chains can be configured in a central area and then loaded by flows to be used. The document Introduction to Approval Chain describes how to created an approval chain in a centrally usable area. This current document will show how to load these centrally configured approval chains in flows.

Build a simple approval flow that uses the  Run Approval Flow from Integration > Approvals (see Using Main Approval Flow). Your flow should look something like this.
In the flow designer toolbox, navigate to Integration > Approvals and drag the Load Approval Chain step onto the canvas. Connect this step just before the Main Approval Flow step.
Click on the Load Approval Chain step and select an Approval Chain to load. Note: the list of available approval chains shown is from System > Flow Management > Approval Chains.
Edit the data mapping of the Main Approval Flow step and select the output of the Load Approval Chain as shown below.
Your flow is now configured to use a centrally configured approval chain. If you ever edit this approval chain, the flow will immediately begin using the new configuration for all new request.

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