Reports Using Text Based Filters (url aware) In Rest APIs

Last Updated: 07/29/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to use text based Filters as URL parameter for Service call in Reports.


We begin with creating a simple Report. In the Designer Folder we click Create Report > Create Report from the Folder Actions Panel.


Then, we Name Report and click Create to proceed to the Report Designer.


In the Report Designer we add Account Data Source…


And desirable columns to the Report. In this example we add Account Id and Email Address.


Next, we add Email Address Contains Filter from Data Filters > Field Filters > Email Address category in the Toolbox.


With this Filter selected, we navigate to its Settings. Then, we select Runtime Editable option from Runtime Behavior dropdown. This completes our Report. We save and close Report Designer.


Back in the Designer Folder we locate a Thumbnail for our Report. Then, from Action menu on the Thumbnail we select Run [Advanced] > Integration > View Integration Details.


On the Integration Details Page we Setup Report to Run As Service, and output type Html. Then, we click Show Service API button. We copy Call via Get generated URL for testing in the further steps in this tutorial.


Paste generated URL into the browser and click Return on the keyboard…


Service call returns us an Html file with Report data. We should see all Portal Accounts because we did not provide a value for the Filter parameter in the URL.


We use our URL again but this time we provide Filter parameter with “admin” value…


Service call returns an Html file with filtered data…


We can use different value for the Filter parameter in the URL…


And Service call filters Report data and returns us an Html file as designed.





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