Report of all Running Flows

Last Updated: 08/12/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Portal provides a “Running Flows” data source that can be used to build a report that shows all running flows. Additionally, the Portal contains a pre-built report using this source and a page. When running the report, an Administrator can have the ability to terminate the flow or start a profiling session, which could help troubleshoot a flow.


View Running Flows Report

To see a report of all running flows, log in as an Administrator and navigate to System/Designers/Catalog/System Defaults/Profiler. From the Running Flows Page entity’s Actions menu, select Preview Page.


Create Running Flows Report

 It is possible to create a report that uses the Running Flows data source. From a Designer Folder, click on Create Report >  Create Report. Name the report and click Create.


From the Sources panel, click on Add [+]. Expand the Infrastructure category and click on Running Flows. Click OK.

Click on Quick Add Column [+] and add the columns of interest, such as MainFlowName, CurrentFlowName, Initiating User, etc.


When finished with the report design, save and close the report. It can be added to an Administrators dashboard now to provide a snapshot of all the currently-running processes.

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