Report Output Template

Last Updated: 07/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 3.2

This tutorial demonstrates how to use, configure and create Excel Template for Report output.



We begin with creating a simple Report for this example. In the Designer Folder we click Create Report > Create Report on the Folder Actions Panel.


Next, we Name Report and click Create to proceed to the Report Designer.


In the Report Designer we add Account Data Source from Data Sources > Common data source category.



Then, from the Account Data Source we add Account ID and Email Address columns to our Report.


This completes our Report. We can save it and close Report Designer. Back in the Designer Folder we locate a thumbnail for the Report that we have just created. From the Action menu on the thumbnail we click Run Report.


When Report is running we click Print Report.


In the resulting window we pick a Format and Excel Template for the Report Output. This is where Excel Template being used. Click Download.


Portal prepares printing view and we can click Download link to save our Report.


Next, we agree with security warning, name our excel file, pick a location and Save.


Decisions informs us that the file was successfully saved. Click Ok.


If we open Excel File that we saved it should look similar to the next figure (if we used Default Excel Template).


We can edit this Default Excel Template if we navigate to the System > Designers > Report Output > Templates Folder in the Portal.


Most of the Settings and Configurations for the Excel Template are self-explanatory…


In the case when we would like to use a specific Excel Template for some Reports, we can create a new Excel Template. To do so, in the System > Designers > Report Output > Templates Folder we click Add Excel Template from the Folder Actions Panel.


In the Add Template resulting window we Name our Template first. Then, using Template picker we need to select an Excel file for this Template.


This Excel File can contain any components like Logo and columns formatting…


In this Example we configure our Report Data to be inserted starting from Row 8 and Column 2 because first 7 Rows in our Template Excel File are occupied with other components. Then, we configured some rows coloring.


If we have Grouping in our Report, we can set how we would like to format it with our Template… When finished, we click Ok to save our Excel Template.


Our Excel Template is saved in the Templates Folder and should be available for us as the Report Output Template.


We locate the Report that we created at the beginning of this tutorial and Run it. Then, we Print Report and select our Excel Template as Output Type. Click Download


After we Save our Excel File, Decisions informs us that the file was Saved. Click Ok.


Finally, we locate Excel file that we just Saved and open it. This time our Report output looks as following because it was formatted with our custom Template.


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