Recording statistics from flow

Last Updated: 08/10/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
In addition to the set of base statistics that Decisions can automatically record (see Turning on portal statistics), individual flows can record statistics too. This can be used to recording specific statistics about an application build in Decisions. For example you may want to record statistics on which users are submitting approval requests vs. using a self-help option. This article explains how to record custom statistics from within a flow.
In the flow where you want to record statistics, expand the toolbox to Integration > Client Statistics. Here you will see four steps that can be used to record statistics.
client stats flow
  • Record Statistics:
    • Account Id: Account id of user who took action in flow
    • Action Name: Name of action taken (e.g. “Clicked Approve Button” or “Deleted Record”)
    • Application Name: Name of current application (could be flow name, or general name you use to refer to a larger application that is made up of flows, rules, etc)
    • Email Address: Email address of user who took action in flow
    • Section Name: Can be used to indicate specific section of application where action was taken. If your application is very large, you may have some actions with the same name in different parts of the application and want to use this to more specifically name where the action happened
    • Subsection Name: Like section name, but more specific


  • Record Statistics For Current User: This step is the same as Record Statistics step but automatically sets the values of Account Id and Email Address to the values of the current user.


  • Record Statistics With Time And Sessions: This step is the same as the Record Statistics step but with the addition of two inputs listed below.
    • Session Id: Records the current session id of this flow. This ID can be found at Flow Data.CurrentEventClientSessionId
    • Time Taken in Seconds: Records the time taken for an action to compete (like a DB insert or delete). This time needs to be calculated using steps like Get Current Date and Get Time Span Between before this statistic step.


  • Record Statistics With Time For Current UserThis step is the same as Record Statistics For Current User step but adds an input for Time Taken in Seconds..




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