Recording and Transcription

Last Updated: 07/20/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Using Decisions and Telephony, you can record and transcribe phone conversations. This article explains how.

If you haven’t already done so, Register the Telephony Service in Portal and Create a Telephony Handler.
In your Telephony Handler folder, edit the [Name of Telephony Handler] IVR Flow. This is the flow that will be initiated whenever a new incoming call is received. 
In the Flow Designer’s startup window, navigate to All Steps [Catalog] > Communication > Telephony > Phone, select the Record Caller step, and click Add to place it onto your model.
Select the Record Caller step to edit its properties. Below is a description of these properties:
    Prompt 1: selection of the source for voice alert to caller.
    Inputs:  will display the input for the selection made in Prompt 1 i.e. if you select Text for Prompt 1 then the text value provided here will be read using a text to speech.
    Do transcription: exposes an option to choose another flow that will transcribe the audio from this recording (more on this below).
    Url to Recording: When the recording is complete this variable will be populated with the value of the URL where the recording can be accessed.
To transcribe a recorded call, you first must build a transcription flow. To do so, navigate to your Telephony Handler and select Actions > Create Transcription Flow.
Give your transcription flow a name (and optionally a description) and click OK.
After building out the transcription flow to do the transcription work, edit your IVR flow again and select the Record Caller step.
Check the Do transcription check-box.
Click the  button and select the Transcription Flow you just created above.
Now whenever a call is recorded, the transcription flow will also be called.

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