Receive Comment Back Via Email

Last Updated: 07/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Assigned forms can process responses directly via email through (1) a user replying to an email with an answer, (2) from a user clicking a link in an email, or (3) offering both options. This means that to respond, users don’t need to open the assigned form in the Portal and click a button to respond. They can instead reply directly via one of these two email-based options and the form will take the path specified by the response.




In our example we will have the comment to come back from the assigned user in email.


Before creating our flow to handle responses via email, first configure an Email Response Job. For an explanation of how to do that, please see Setting Up Email Response Job.


Now that our response job is configured, create a new flow with an assigned form.

Begin with navigating to the Designer Folder and clicking Create Flow button.


Name our flow and click Ok to proceed…


Flow Designer opens… From the Flow Designer start-up window Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Forms[Interaction] > [Current Folder] select an existing form and click Add to add it to the workspace.Connect its outcome to the End Step of our Flow.



From the Form Setup Options > Assignment Type Dropdown pick Assigned option.


Since we will be handling responses outside the context of the form (where normally responses would be handed via buttons on the form), we need to define the alternate paths that will be allowed out of this form. To do this, add as many outcomes as you need in the Outcomes > Action Based Outcomes section. (Note: each path will become a link you can provide as a possible response, and each Alternative Response defines a word or phrase that users can enter in their reply email to take this path).


We add Approved Action and define it as follow…


Next, we add Denied action based outcome…


In the Email Response Handling dropdown we pick Email Response Only.


Now we need to edit Body Template for the Email that will be sent to the assignee. Click on Body: Show Editor under Email To Suggest Handling.


In the Body Editor we will provide user with two links for Approved and Denied Mail To Response Types… As well it is required to provide email body with Inline Response option and the ResponseID. All these links are found at the left panel of the Body Editor. They are generated by the Flow automatically.

We click Ok to close and save our Body Template.


Next we need to configure Email Body for the Email When Response Does Not Match


As well we need to pick an assignee for the Form. It is done in the [edit] Assignment pop-up window…


Next we can connect our Approved or Denied action based outcomes to the end step.

And this will complete our Flow. Save and close the Flow Designer.


If we run the flow our assignee receives an email that looks like this:


When he or she clicks on Approve or Deny link he or she is being provided with the Template where he or she can leave the comment…


After our assignee adds comments and sends the response back we receive the email with the comments that should look like this: 


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