Quick Add Elements In Report

Last Updated: 08/16/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0


There are several options in Report Designer that are helpful for providing quicker Report Designing. In this tutorial we are going overview these options.

In the Report Designer we expand Data Sources > Common category. When we hover over any Data Source we want to add, the add link appears to the right of the Source Name. If we click this link the Data Source will be added to our Report with no dragging and dropping required.


If we want to add a Column to our Report from the Data Source in the ToolBox we can use either a check box to the left of the Column Name, or we hover over the Column Name and click the add link appears to the right of the Column Name to add the Column to our Report.

Using add Link:


Using Quick Add Box:

quickAddElementBox screenshot 



To quickly add multiple columns to the Report at the same time we can click Quick Add Column link. In the resulting pop-up window we check the Columns we want to add and then we click Create to add these columns to our Report.


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