Property Editor Basics: Changing Property Classification

Last Updated: 12/09/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
The way that step properties show up in the designer can be modified using the PropertyClassification attribute. This document shows how to use this attribute.
The following options can be configured for a property:
Node: This is the node in the property editor in which this property will be displayed. If not set it will show up under ‘[Unclassified]’.
Order: This is the order in which the propert will show up in the designer.  If not set, it will show up in alphabetical order.
Name: This is the name of the property. If not set, it will show up as the properties name with spaces separating CamelCasing.
IsHidden: Controls whether or not the property displays in the designer. If not set, it will be shown.
The following code shows a property which has had its order, name and node overridden. Order is 1 instead of the default 0Name is Overridden Name of Property 1 instead of default Property OneNode is Node 1/SubNode A instead of default [Unclassified].

The following code shows a property which has had its node and order overridden. Node is Node 1/SubNode A instead of default [Unclassified].

Below are screen shots showing how these properties would have looked without these PropertyClassification Attributes and how they look with them:
Without Attributes
With Attributes

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