Portal Overview.

Last Updated: 08/18/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Users can navigate in the portal using the Folders tree, the links in the address bar, incremental search in the address bar, the Folder and Browse views, and the advanced search panel.


The principle method of navigation is through the Folders tree. Select a folder with a plus sign next to it to view its sub-folders. Select a Designer folder to view its entities in the folder data panel. 



You can also access a folder’s sub folders by clicking the arrow to the right of the folder name in the address bar.

address bar navi

The address bar allows us to perform an incremental search for entities in the portal.
typing in the address bar

When you select an item in the list, you can select actions to perform on that item using the menu.

select item


You can scroll through the menu to view all of the available actions for the selected item.

scroll through


Select the Folder View link to view the contents of the selected folder in this view.

folder view

Folder pages that are stored in the selected folder display as links under the search bar. Select the link for the folder page to open that page. 


 folder pages

To access the My Home folder, select the Home button.

home button


To show and hide the Folders tree, select the Folder Panel button.

hide folder tree


To run an advanced search, select the Search button.

perform search



The advanced search allows us to search while applying filters. You can search for an item by its tags, rather than by its name.

 advanced search

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