Platform Authentication Parameters In URL Paths

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Decisions URL’s paths system were designed to provide user with powerful navigation control in the System between Folders, Flows, Rules, Pages, Reports, Forms and much more using wide variety of additional options like Security and View.


Platform Authentication Parameters

Decisions has several ways that available for user Authentication.

All these options could be accessed from the Integration Details Page.


Authentication Parameters are essential for getting access to Decisions’ elements using URLs. In this tutorial we overview Platform Authentication Parameters.

If no Authentication Parameters used Decisions will try to use current Login.

Next option is to use UserName and Password Parameters. Here we authenticate user with his or her login information. Parameters are looking like: ?

Another option is to use Named Session for the Authentication. If named session created we can grant access using Session’s Id.

The URL parameter would be: ?sessionId=NS-590cc8a5-294a-11e4-9c12-4ceb4297b7be

Next, we can grant access using Guest option.In this case security parameter looks like: ?Guest=true

Another option for Authentication is to use Current User Authentication. For instance, key – value pair for the URL looks as follow:


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