Pausing a Flow’s Progression with the Pause Flow Component

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Pause Flow component delays processing the next step of a flow until a specific date and time, or until a time duration has elapsed.

To add a Pause Flow component to a flow, in the Flow Designer’s Toolbox panel, under the category Flow Management, drag a Pause Flow component to the workspace and set the pause time duration in the Mapping Editor.


Our example flow will add a document containing email addresses, pause until an appointed time, then send an email. We’ll begin with the first and last steps of our flow Email Address List and Send Email 1 already completed.



Next, drag the Pause Flow component from the Toolbox panel to the workspace and connect our paths.



To configure our Pause Flow 1, we’ll click the Show Mapping Editor link in the Properties panel.



In the Mapping Editor, notice the lone input for our Pause Flow component is ResumeWhen, which is currently mapped as “Unknown.” Because we want our flow to resume at a specific time (rather than after a set duration), change the mapping type of ResumeWhen to Constant Date and Time.



The current time in our example is 10:57:38am. Set ResumeWhen‘s value to “11:04:38am,” today, and click OK to close the Mapping Editor.



Our flow is complete and ready to test in the debugger. When we begin our debugging session, the current time is 4:18:37pm. After a few seconds, our flow enters Pause Flow 1.



At exactly 11:04:38am, our flow resumes with the step Send Email 1 and is finished.




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