Navigating to page at end of flow interaction

Last Updated: 08/08/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Flows can be used to control portal navigation. This example will show how to navigate to a specific folder/page using a flow.

Before creating a flow, you need to know the id of the folder you want to navigate to. For this example, we will navigate to the My Home folder. To get this folder’s id, click on the little arrow next to the folder and select Manage > Get Person ID.


In the dialog that opens, select and copy the id 


Create a new flow (see Creating your First Flow) with a simple form (see Creating Your First Form Flow). Put one button on your form that says Go to Home Page.


In the Toolbox, expand Forms and drag End Form Session onto your work space.


Click on your new End Form Session step to edit its properties. In the Behavior section, set Options to Navigate


You will now see new options appear in this steps properties for setting FolderId and PageName. The folder id is the id of the folder you want to navigate to and the page name is the Name of the page you want to open. Enter the ID we copied earlier and the name of My Home.
Connect End Form Session to the end step.


Save, close and run your flow.
You will see your flow’s first form (which should just be a button). Click that button and your portal will navigate to the My Home page


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