Merging Report Fields Inline

Last Updated: 08/12/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The MergeTextInlineField component concatenates column values (as variables) with each other and with plain text.  For example, the user can add a merged inline field containing the text and variables.  “This is the Document Name <<entity_name>> and size of Document <<doc_size>>”.

To merge report fields inline, drag MergeTextInlineField to the Results tab from the Toolbox Panel under the category Calculated Columns.


The goal of this example is to:

  1. Edit a previously created report to include a calculated column with merged inline fields.
  2. Run the report to see the column.

Begin in the portal by navigating to a Designer Folder.  The bulk of the report has already been created and saved as Document Report.  To complete it, select the Document Report thumbnail and click the Edit link to open the report in the Report Designer.


Expand the Calculated Columns category in the Toolbox Panel and drag MergeTextInlineField into the workspace.


In the resulting Merge Text Inline Field pop-up window, assemble the value of the new calculated column.  The tree in the left side panel contains variables that can dragged into the textbox on the right.  Each variable represents a column.

For the example, build the statement “This is the Document Name <<entity­_name>> and size of the Document <<doc_size>>”.  Where appropriate, drag in the name from the tree on the left.  When finished, click Ok.


This completes the report. Save it and close the Report Designer.


Back in the Designer Folder, select Document Report and in its Action menu select Run Report.


The report will open in a new window.  In the window, notice the fifth column, merge_text_inline_field.  Every row will contain the statement “This is the Document Name <<entity_name>> and size of the Document <<doc_size>>”, with proper values replacing the variables entity_name and ­doc_size.


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