Managing Vacation Requests by Assigning Approvals

Last Updated: 08/10/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
Decisions includes a pre-built approval flow. This flow allows you to quickly create a flow that requires approval. In the example below, we will demonstrate how to use this pre-built approval flow to quickly create a simple vacation request flow that requires approval.



Create a new flow (see Creating Your First Flow) named “Vacation Request.”

Begin in the portal by creating a Designer Folder to contain the flow. From the Actions menu, select Add > Designer Folder

In the resulting Add Root Folder pop-up, enter “Designer Project”  in the Input Folder Name field and click OK.

Inside the new Designer Folder, click the Create Flow button.



In the resulting New Flow window, name the flow “Vacation Request” and click OK to open the Flow Designer.


In this new flow, place a new form step as the flow’s first step (see Creating Your First Form). On your form, place controls to collect information like “Request Subject,” “Request Details,” and “Needed by Date.” Below is a sample of a basic request form.





Save the form and close.

Back in the flow designer toolbox, navigate to Integration > Approvals and drag Run Approval Flow onto the canvas and connect from the Save path of your form step.


Using the output data variables from your Simple Request Form map to the corresponding inputs of the Run Approval Flow step (see Using the Mapping Editor).


Set ApprovalChain to Constant and click the ellipses () next to Values. This will bring up the Approval Chain editor. Enter the users in the first text box and select them from the drop down pop window you can also add more users as needed. (see Introduction to Approval Chain) for more details.



Then click OK to save the approval chain and click OK to save the mappings you just configured. 


Connect the Approve, Reject and Expired paths to the End step. In a real approval flow you would configure steps on each of these paths to do the desired behavior for the requests. For example, your flow could send a “Request Approved” email on the Approve path and a “Request Rejected” email on the Reject path.


Run your flow in the Debugger.


First you will see the Simple Approval Form you wrote. Fill it out and click Submit.





You will now see the Approval form that is part of the pre-built approval flow delivered with Decisions. Fill out the form and click either Reject or Approve. .


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