Managing Contact Information from a Portal Page

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Contact Info Entity is a folder entity which collects addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details into a single entity. It can be created within a flow, or by opening a portal page that contains a Contact Info Editor (on opening the page, a Contact Info Entity will automatically be created if it doesn’t exist already). The Contact Info Editor will present a form in which we can add or modify addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details.


In our example, we will modify a Customer folder called “Mary Watson” to include contact information.



The Mary Watson folder currently has two views: the default Folder View, and a portal page view called Customer Details.



We will begin by navigating to portal page’s actual location – System > Common Data Elements > Folder Behavior Actions > UserType.CustomerFolderBehavior. We will select the Customer Details page and click the Edit link to open it in the Page Designer.



Next, we will place a Contact Info Editor component onto our page. We will find it in the Toolbox tab, under the category Basic > Current Folder.



This completes our changes, so we will save our page and close the Page Designer.



When we return to the Mary Watson folder, we will find that the Customer Details view has been updated with a Contact Info Editor.



With the Contact Info Editor, we can add an address for Mary Watson.



We can also add a phone number:



or an email address, or any other contact detail that is required.



Contact details that we’ve added will appear front-and-center in the Contact Info Editor for easy access.



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