Locking Designer Element

Last Updated: 03/07/2016 Introduced in Verision: 3.2

This document demonstrates how to use Designer Element Locking feature secure certain elements’ (like Rules, Flows, Forms or Reports) Edit Action.


First, we navigate to System > Settings Folder in the Portal. In the Settings Folder we edit Designer Studio Settings. In the resulting window we locate Unlock Password setting under Designer Settings category. Then, we define our Password to lock Designer Elements and click Ok to save Settings.


Next, we navigate to the Designer Folder, locate a thumbnail for the element we want to lock and from the Action menu we click Manage > Lock Element.


Mention, after we lock our Element, Edit Action disappears from the Element’s thumbnail.


To unlock our Designer Element we click Action > Manage > Unlock Element on the thumbnail.


Then, in the resulting window we type a password that we defined in Designer Studio Settings and click Ok.


Edit option on the Element’s thumbnail is visible again which means that our Element is unlocked now.


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