IP Address Filtering

Last Updated: 08/01/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0



For security purposes, Portal access can be restricted to specific IP addresses. This can be done at the account level. The account level, being more specific, is checked first. IP addresses or ranges added to these lists are the IP addresses of the machines that are allowed to access the Portal. Otherwise, access is denied.


IP Address Filtering at the Account Level

IP filtering at the account level is set up under System > Security > Accounts. The IP address established here is meant to be the IP of this user’s machine that will be used to access the Portal. A range of IP addresses can also be used.



Specifying Allowed IP Addresses

The syntax for IP address specification is as follows:
IP addresses one at a time with  semicolons as shown here:;
Specify blocks of addresses using ip address and subnet  separated by a pipe as shown here:
| (Allows any valid value to be in the last  octet.)
Specify multiples separated using a semicolon:
Specify a range of numbers: Which allows any address that appears  between 10-100 (Note, the whole IP must be repeated even if the same, you may  not use only the last octet.)
It is possible to combine any of the above using semicolons to separate each  entry.


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