Introduction to Approval Chain

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Approval Chains are used to approve requests. System administrators choose which requests require approval, and by whom.  This video will guide you through the customization of an Approval Chain.


To begin, expand the System category under the Folders tree at the left-hand side of the screen. Open the Designers section and select the Approval Chains folder.

Several approval chains appear by default. Select the desired approval chain and locate the actions menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen.  Select Edit Approval Chain from the list.


A name and description are already provided, you may change them as needed. Click the ellipses () next to Levels to customize the levels of approval that will be used when this approval chain is activated.  By default, the first level is already configured.


Alter the first level by clicking the “X” to remove the default group.


By typing into the field, a drop-down menu will appear listing any partial matches; click on a user or group to add it to the first level of approval.  The drop-down menu to the left of the field provides options as to whom within the group needs to approve the request. 

 When All is selected for the approval level, it does NOT mean every single person in the group must approve for the request to proceed. It means that at least one person from each group and all individual user accounts specified on that level must approve (examples below):

Level 1 has 1 group: only 1 of the accounts within that group must approve

Level 2 has 2 groups: only 1 of the accounts from each group must approve

Level 3 has 2 groups and 2 individual accounts: 1 account from each group and both individual accounts must approve


The escalation level setting, when enabled, means that the specific level will be “called” if the task times out. The first level will most likely never be an escalation level. Example:

Level 1: account A

Level 2: (escalation is checked): account B, Group A

Level 3: Group B


In this scenario, the task will first be assigned to level 1. If account A completes his/her task within the allotted time, the request will proceed to Level 3 and Group B will then be assigned the task. It skips level 2 because level 2 is only an escalation level. Therefore, account A does not complete the task within the allotted time, the task is escalated to level 2 (account B, Group A receive the task). Only when level 2 completes the task will it move to level 3, etc. Levels left blank are inactive.

In other words, the level marked as an escalation level will only be called when the previous level does not complete the task in the specified time.

Click OK and then Save to confirm the changes. For more information, check out the related links below.

Note: In Decisions 3.2 and Advanced settings for the Approval Chain look as following… They contain only “Specify Time to Approve”.



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