Integrating a Twitter Account

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

You can configure the portal to enable Twitter integration, allowing the system to post notifications using a designated Twitter account.

The Twitter account must have already been created.

To integrate a Twitter account, navigate to the folder System > Settings, select Twitter Settings, and select Activate Twitter Account in the entity actions menu in the lower right.


In the example, we will integrate a Twitter account with the platform that will be used to send Twitter notifications from the platform.

To begin, we navigate to the folder System > Settings. We select Twitter Settings and select Activate Twitter Integration in the lower right.

Activate Twitter Integration

A pop-up outlining the integration steps opens.

Authorize Twitter Use

We close the pop-up with instructions and the login page for Twitter opens.

We enter the username and password for the Twitter account that will send notifications from the platform and click Authorize app.

Twitter Account Login

A page opens with the integration PIN.

Copy Pin

We copy the PIN, then return to the portal. We paste it into the PIN field on the Enter PIN pop-up and click OK.

Paste Pin

A status message displays. We click OK.

Authorizing to Use Twitter

Next, we test that the integration worked.

In the entity actions menu in the lower right, we select Test Twitter.

Test Twitter

A confirmation message displays that a Tweet was posted, and we click OK.

Tweet Posted

We access the Twitter account to view the test Tweet.

Twitter Test Recieved




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