Installing on AWS

Last Updated: 03/17/2016 Introduced in Verision: 3.2

This tutorial demonstrates how to install Decisions platform on Amazon Web Services.

Start an AWS Database (RDS)

Choose the RDS Service

Choose SQL Server as your DB Engine (choose the specific type of SQL based on your needs. For most deployments “SQL Server SE” will work well)


Configure your DB specs according to your needs. For most production applications 4 CPU, 15 GB RAM works well.


 When configuring RDS network settings, choose “Create new Security Group” unless you plan to use one you’ve already configured



Start an EC2 Instance

 Launch a new Windows server instance. Choose size and OS version in accordance with our standard recommended hardware/software specs (See “Server Hardware Specifications” section here).

After your instance starts, configure any software requirements that are missing from the image (IIS, .net, etc). (See “Software Requirements” section here).


Install Decisions on Your EC2 Instance

Remote desktop into your instance and run the Decisions installer. You can follow the normal installation guide (here) except for the Database Setup screen.

On the Database Setup screen, select MS SQL for Database Type.

Find the endpoint address for your RDS instance


Enter this endpoint address for DB Server



NOTE: for the Decisions server to be allowed to connect to your RDS instance, you’ll need to configure the RDS security groups and/or the VPC to allow communication from your EC2 instance — see Amazon’s document on Security Groups and on RDS in VPC)

 In this example, we edited the RDS security group to allow sql connections from the internal ip address of the EC2 application server

Find the security group your RDS instance is in (click on it)


 Add a rule that allows MS SQL from the internal ip address of your EC2 instance


Click “test connection” on the Database Setup screen to ensure that you have correctly configured your communication between these two servers



Finish the Decisions install from the normal installation guide (here)


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