Respond to Inbound Telephony Conversation

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Using a Telephony service like Twilio or Plivo, Decisions can respond to inbound IVR requests. This document explains how to configure Decisions to respond to such a request.



If you haven’t already done so, Register the Telephony Service in Portal and Create a Telephony Handler.
In your Telephony Handler folder, edit the [Name of Telephony Handler] IVR Flow. This flow has a CallInitiated input data. This variable will contain all the data received from an inbound IVR request. Here is what that data looks like.
To begin your IVR flow, in the Flow Designer’s startup window navigate to All Steps [Catalog] > Communication > Telephony > Phone and select the Say Text step. Click Add to place it onto your model. This step will be used to explain the IVR menu to the caller.
This step has a number of options for selecting the source of your spoken message.
RecordingURL : This will play an audio file from the supplied URL
RecordingDocument : This will play an audio file from the supplied Decisions Document id.
Text : This will use a computer voice to read the text you enter.
Next you will want to drag the Request IVR step onto your model. This step will be used to gather IVR data from the caller. When a valid IVR response is received, this step will exit via the Digits Gathered path.
Prompt 1 : This property provides the same functionality as the Say Text step and can be used instead of it. The value of Prompt 1 is read first. If an invalid response is given, the value of prompt 2 is read and then prompt 3.
Number of digits : the expected number of digits in the IVR response.
Timeout : The number of seconds to wait for an IVR response.
Finish Key :  The key to single the end of an IVR response.
The final step you should use in an IVR flow is the Hangup step.This step has the same Prompt options as the other steps. After reading the Prompt value (if any) the step hangs up the call.

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