Folder Aware Flow Behavior

Last Updated: 07/22/2016 Introduced in Verision: 3.5

This document demonstrates how to use Folder Aware Flow behavior.

In this tutorial we are going to create a Page that can be used on different Folders to display Comments that live in that Folder using Folder Aware Flow Behavior.

We begin in the Designer Folder and clicking Create Flow on the Folder Actions Panel.


Then we Name our Flow, select Folder Aware Flow Behavior, and click Create to proceed to the Flow Designer.


In the Flow Designer we add Fetch Entities step from the Integrations > All Integrations > Entity Framework category.


Next, we configure Fetch Entities step. In the Entity Fetch Definition section for the Type Name we select Comment.


Then, for the FolderId Input to this step we Select Value of FolderId input to our Flow.

Note: FolderId and PageName inputs are presented in our Flow because of the Folder Aware Flow Behavior.


Next, on the Results Outcome from the Fetch Entities step we add Show Form step from Favorite Steps category.


In the resulting window we Name our Form and click Create to proceed to the Form Designer.


Our Form is designed as following… We will be displaying our Comments using a Simple List component from the List category in the Form Designer. We configure Simple List component to Display Type String. When finished, we can save our Form and close Form Designer.


Back to the Flow Designer we connect Close outcome from the Form to the End step, and No Results outcome from the Fetch Entities step to the Form step. Then we select our Form step on the workspace to set it up. Click Show Mapping Editor.


In the Mapping Editor we are using the Comment Name String Array from the EntityResults as an input to our List control on the Form. Then, we Ignore selected List input to the Form. Save and close Mapping Editor.


This completes our Folder Aware Flow. We can save the Flow and close Flow Designer.


Back in the Designer Folder we click Create Report/Page > Create Page/Dashboard on the Folder Actions Panel.


Then, we Name the Page and click Create to proceed to the Page Designer.


Our Page is designed to have only Flow Run Part component on it. We search for the component and drag it to the workspace.


Then, we locate Flow Info Properties and using Flow ID picker select our Get Comments Flow that we built previously in this tutorial.


This completes our Page design. We Save the Page and close Page Designer. Next, we are going to apply our Page to couple Folders with Comments. In our Designer Folder we Added two Designer SubFolders. One of them has one Comment Entity, another has two Comments.


We navigate to first Designer SubFolder and click Manage > Page > Display Existing Page Folder Action.


Then, using Existing Page picker we select our Page.


Click Ok to Save and continue.


Next, in the same manner we Display Existing Page for the second SubFolder with Comments.


To test, we navigate back to the first SubFolder with one Comment and select Display Comments Page View. On the Page, we can see that our Flow is running and displaying Comment Names for this Folder.


Next we Navigate to the second SubFolder and we should see that using the same Flow on the Page we display different results relevant for this Folder.


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