Flow Step Browser Overview

Last Updated: 08/15/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

Flow Step Browser is an Administrative Tool in Decisions that allows the user to view current states of the Flows that have Assigned Forms that are not Completed. Moreover, this Tool allows us to complete the Flow Step on the desirable outcome, rollback the process, or modify History steps. Flow Step Browser can be found in the Portal in System > Administration > System Tools > Event Viewer Folder.



To locate Flow Step Browser we navigate to System > Administration > System Tools > Event Viewer Folder in the Portal and select Flow Step Browser View.


Currently we have no Stored Flows…


We navigate to the Designer Folder and Run our simple Approval Flow. This Flow has several Assigned Forms…


We choose to Fill In the first Assigned Form in the Flow


The Form opens, and we click Approve to proceed to the next Assigned Form…


We choose not to fill in the next Assigned Form to not complete this Flow and Store it so it shows up in the Flow Step Browser.


We navigate back to the Flow Step Browser and observe that our Approval Flow is there now. Here, we can analyze that our Approval Flow completed Start Step on the done outcome and Approval Form step was completed on the Approved Outcome. These steps are Historical. The Current Approved Outcome Form Step is still Assigned but not Completed.


In the All Stored Flows Report Viewer we can select our Flow and terminate it by clicking End Flow/Clear Flow Data option…


Decisions informs us that this process is not reversible and we confirm it.


Flow Steps Report Viewer clears out steps in our Flow.


We run our Approval Flow again in the same manner as we did it first time to Overview available manipulations with Flow Steps. In the Flow Step Browser we select Current Step in our Flow. From its Options we choose Complete Step. Then, all available Outcomes show up. This Form has only one PathApproved. We select On Path: Approved to complete this Assigned Form.


Decisions asks for confirmation…


And the Flow Step Browser clears Flow Steps because the Flow is completed…


Also, we have an option to Remove the Current step from the Flow Steps…


Again, Decisions ask if we are sure that we want to Remove this step…


And, Flow Step Browser clears this step from Flow Steps Report Viewer.


Our Flow does not have Current step in the Flow Step Browser now. We can analyze that our Flow was completed on the Reject outcome from Approval Form step. If we decide that it was wrong and we need to change our mind, we can use Restart At Step option for this Historical step.


Confirm that we intended to do so…


And, Flow Step Browser will indicate Approval Form step in our Flow as a Current step.


Next, we select this Current step, and we can see that we are allowed not only change our decision about the Path to complete this step on, but we can Edit Step Start Data like Form Assignment Dates in this example. We select Edit Step Start Data > Form Assignment Late Date…


In the resulting pop-up window we select desirable Late Date and click Ok.


Then, we Complete our Current step On Path: Approve…


As a result, we can observe that we have changed our Approval Form Assignment from Reject to Approve


Another way to change Form Assignment outcome is to use Start After option for the Historical Step. We select our Approval Form Historical step that was completed on Path: Approve. Then, we use Start After option and select On Path: Reject…


This adds another Current step to our Flow


We can always Rollback our Flow to the desirable point by using the Restart At Step option for any Historical Step…






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